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          1. CNC Vertical Machining Center

            5 Axis Simultaneous Machining Center

            Double Column Machining Center


            Products CNC Vertical Machining Center Combination Way


            • Rapid feed rate 20m / min

            COOLANT-THROUGH-SPINDLE (CTS) 20-70 BAR (Optional)

            Coolant-Through-Spindle provides coolant directly to the machining process through the center of the spindle. CTS may extend the life of the cutting tool and improve the evacuation of chips, especially when used for deep hole drilling and pocket milling.


            Finetech's model 1890 and larger use ø63mm ball screws to handle heavier cutting and table loads while still providing smooth motion.

            SPINDLE CHILLER ( Oil or Water )

            The spindle chiller will help maintain a stable spindle temperature and will reduce the effects of thermal expansion of the spindle main shaft as well as extend the life of the spindle.


            The Finetech R&D team can design both hardware and software components for the machine tools and allows for better quality control and quick response to customers requests.

            T-SLOT GRINDING

            Each T-Slot is ground to a H8 tolerance to provide an accurate datum surface allowing for easy and precise machine setup.


            A precision ground surface can be added to each axis to allow for easy installation of linear scales by ensuring a straight and parallel surface.

            Travel (mm)  X-axis 1600 mm
            Y-axis 850 mm
            Z-axis 850 mm
            Distance (mm) Spindel center to column 900 mm
            Spindel nose to table 130-980 mm
            Table Table (LXW) (mm) 1700 x 800 mm
            Dimesnsion of T-slot (mm) 7 x 18 x 100 mm
            Max. table load (kg) 1800 kgs
            Spindle Spindle Taper-40 BT/CAT/DIN (HSK Opt.)
            Spindle motor- cont/ 30min (kw) 15-18.5 kw (18.5-22 kw Opt.)
            Belt drive spindle (Taper-40) 8000rpm (10000rpm and 12000rpm Opt.)
            Direct driver spindle (Taper-40) 10000rpm, 12000rpm and 15000rpm Opt.
            Build-in spindle (Taper-40/ HSK-E40/50/63) 20000rpm / 30000rpm Opt.
            Belt drive spindle (Taper-50) 6000 rpm / 8000 rpm Opt.
            Direct driver spindle (Taper-50) 8000 rpm / 10000rpm Opt.
            ATC ATC-Swing Arm type 24/30 tools Opt.
            ATC-Chain type 32/40 tools Opt.
            Feed Rate Rapid feed rate-X/Y/Z 20/20/15 m/min
            Axis feed motor- X/Y/Z 4.0/4.0/4.0 kw
            Cutting feedrate by table 10 m/min
            X ballscrew (dia. x pitch) 50 mm x 10 mm
            Y ball screw (dia. x pitch) 50 mm x 10 mm
            Z ball screw (dia. x pitch) 350 mm x 10 mm
            Linear guide width ( X/Y/Z) 45mm x2/45mm x4/120mm x2
            Machine Power consumption KVA (Transformer) 55 KVA
            Pneumatic Supplier kg/ cm2 5.5-6.5 kg/cm2
            Coolant tank capacity 580 liter
            Floor space requirement -
            Floor space requirement (with conveyor) -
            Max. machine height mm -
            Machine weight 15000 kgs
            * All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.


            • Tools kit
            • LED work light
            • 3-step warning light
            • Leveling blocks & blots
            • Fully enclosed splash guard
            • Rigid Tapping
            • Standard Spndle 8000rpm (belt type)
            • Spindle coolant nozzle system
            • Spindle Air Blast
            • Central Lubrication system
            • Auto interrupt& power off system
            • Portable hand wheel
            • Opreation manual, Maintenance manual
            • CNC Manual
            • Test Report in CD format
            • Air gun
            • Coolant gun
            • Guideway cover (X,Y,Z)
            • Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
            • Safety door
            • Spindle coolant system
            • Cutting air blast
            • Cutting coolant system
            • Spindle oil chiller
            • Chip flush coolant system


            • Oil skimmer
            • CTS 20-70BARS
            • Linar scale
            • Oil mist coolant system
            • Oil mist collector
            • Belt type chip conveyor
            • Screw type chip conveyor
            • Workpiece measurement system
            • Auto Tool touch probe
            • Auto Tool Laser probe
            • A/C Cooler for Electrical Cabinet
            • 4th Axis Rotary table
            • 5th Axis Tilting Rotary table
            • Heavy Duty coolant pump
            • CE
            • Paper Filter
            • Machine Height 150mm More
            • ZF Gear Box
            • Build-in Gear box
            • Mitsubishi M80, M830
            • Fanuc 0iMF, 31i
            • Siemens 828D, 840D
            • Heidenhain TNC620, iTNC640
            • Fagor
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