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          1. CNC Vertical Machining Center

            5 Axis Simultaneous Machining Center

            Double Column Machining Center


            Products 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining Center Traveling Column Type



            Front and side access for easy loading and operation
            Efficient smart management
            Encoders on all axes
            THK roller guideway (JAPAN) X, Y, Z 45mm.
            Double nut ball screw, liquid cooled, choice of Arm type ATC
            24 / 30 / 32 / 40 / 48 / 54 / 60 position ATC

            Flexible design, double work table may be used as a 4+1 or 5 axes machine easy to machine extra long workpiece high load capacity on fixed table.

            Fixed work table may be fitted with various accessories, tailstock for shaft machining center.

                GTX-1520 GTX-2520
            Travel X/Y/Z travel 1570/520/460 mm 2570/520/460 mm
            B-axis tilt range -40°~110° -40°~110°
            C-axis rotation angle 360° 360°
            Max. workpiece size ø520*330L ø520*330L
            Spindle nose to work table 150-610 mm 150-610 mm
            Axes Feed rates X/Y/Z-axis 36 m/min 36 m/min
            C-axis work table dia.   ø500/ø600/ø650 mm ø500/ø600/ø650 mm
            Centering hole dia.   ø50H7 ø50H7
            T slot Standard 14H7 mm*5 14H7 mm*5
            Work table Max. B axis 25/50/50 rpm 25/50/50 rpm
            C axis 25/100/1000 rpm 25/100/1000 rpm
            Max. workpiece weight   300~500 kgs 300~500 kgs
            * All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.


            • Spindle speed 12000rpm
            • Spindle oil chiller
            • Spindle bearing purge
            • Programmable cutting air blast system
            • Coolant gun
            • Air gun
            • Full enclosed splash guard
            • Large table size 650mm
            • Interlock front/ side door
            • Mechanical oil/coolant separator
            • Automatic tool changer
            • Spindle taper: #40(DIN, BT, CAT)
            • 32 station tool magazine
            • Roller linear guideways
            • Z-axis motor with brake system
            • LED lamp
            • M30 power off
            • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
            • Tailstock for GTX-1520 / 2520


            • Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)
            • Programmable cutting coolant nozzle
            • Coolant cooling system
            • Chain type chip conveyor
            • Chip cart
            • Chip flushing system
            • Laser tool length measurement system TL Micro 200
            • Contact type tool length measurement system TT160
            • Workpiece measurement kinematic system TT740+KKH100(250)
            • Air supply for clamping fixture
            • CE conformity specification
            • Round metal plate type oil skimmer
            • X / Y / Z optical linear scale
            • B / C-axis optical encoder
            • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
            • Transformer
            • HSK 63 20,000rpm spindle (Built-in type)
            • 15000rpm direct driven spindle
            • Software for crash protection
            • Mitsubishi M80, M830
            • Fanuc 0iMF, 31i
            • Siemens 828D, 840D
            • Heidenhain TNC620, iTNC640
            • Fagor
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