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          1. CNC Vertical Machining Center

            5 Axis Simultaneous Machining Center

            Double Column Machining Center

            Products CNC Vertical Machining Center Combination Way

            Combination Way

            Combination Way

            • The casting assembly of the SMV machining centers has been designed using a Finite- Element-Analysis process to ensure the machine will handle cutting forces and weight loads associated with the demands of the machine specifications.
            • The X and Y axes utilize roller type linear guideways to allow the machining center to accommodate heavy work piece loads with fast accelerations and low friction while maintaining accurate positioning.
            • The Z axis uses box way design to allow the machining center to dampen heavier cutting forces.
            • The machine base and saddle base utilize a wide design to prevent sagging and overhanging concerns with heavy work piece loads.
            • The Z axis casting uses a reinforced rib design to achieve structural strength through the entire casting length.
            • Each axis motor is directly coupled to the ball screw.
            • Each axis will use a grade C3 precision ground ball screw and will use a pre-tensioned design to improve machine performance.
            Combination Way
            Detailed introduction
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