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          1. CNC Vertical Machining Center

            5 Axis Simultaneous Machining Center

            Double Column Machining Center


            From its beginnings in 1979, Finetech has been one of the top machine tool manufacturers in the world. Finetech manufactures a wide range of CNC vertical machining centers. Finetech's machines are built to deliver high speed with more accuracy, efficiency and durability with more standard features, high-tech innovations and solid engineering.

            Every Finetech machine is designed to provide more flexibility and productivity, making for a very sound investment.

            • Factory location :Taichung
            • Floor area :6,600 m2
            • Total area :12,000 m2
            • Employees :100
            • Annual export capability :500+

            quality-assurance checks


            Before leaving the plant, all Finetech CNC machine is subjected to more than 100 quality-assurance checks. These tests provide a certified paper trail of quality for every component through out the entire assembly process.

            actual running time


            After assembly, all Finetech products are tested for 24 hours of actual running time to assure quality is built into every machine. Our assurance of quality follows every machine from our plant to arrival and installation at yours.

            Create valuable solutions
            To meet our customers' specific demands

            Our relationship with our customers is paramount. Our mission is to create valuable solutions to meet our customers' specific demands. Finetech will continue to excel in our ability to listen and respond to our customers. We always finding new solutions to support not only our customers' machining needs but meet their business needs as well.

            World Wide

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